QDragon Mobile Games Search Engine is finally here!

Lightness and code cleanliness are still the core components of the completely new Mobile Games Search Engine script from QDragon.com that again comes with a lot of features.


What is it?

A light Flash Games Search Engine script from QDragon.com with a lot of features.

QDragon is a unique automatic uploading arcade script developed with PHP and MySQL that gathers its games from the web, feeding from websites that offer games developed with HTML5 technology that can smoothly run on mobile devices.

This version is no longer based on Flash games (as you probably know Flash technology had some security issues and is no longer offered as an extension to browsers. Really a shame since there were very lovely games developed with flash that will probably be lost forever).

HTML5 came in handy. An HTML5 game allows playing directly in modern web browsers without the need for third-party plugins. So it has now replaced the discontinued Flash and Unity web players, as the preferred technology used to make web browser games.

QDragon is greatly customizable. It reads the feed of the provider of your choice and allows you to map the various fields to those needed. Thus, you can now upload any game feed you like, from any provider that allows it, and literary add thousands of games to your site from different sources.

Besides, on request, QDragon comes with an Android application (see here), that makes your site easily accessible to Android users.

Make Money

Monetize your traffic while keeping users entertained. You can use game feeds that allow revenue sharing or ad your own ads.

Thousands Of Games

Engaging, high quality content to entertain your users and keep them coming back.

Automated Management Tools

Track game impressions across your sites and determine which games are most popular with your users.

Add Your Own Games

There are many games available for sale on the market that you can brand as your own, or you can hire a developer to make a custom game just for you. Whatever your choice, once you have the game you can add it to QDragon easily.

So, in conclusion, what does this script offer?

  • Multiple feeds uploading with feed mapping
  • Automatic upload of game thumbnails on your server
  • Automatic feeding of your DB with the main information about gathered games like title, description, URL, ...
  • Infinite scrolling for endless mobile engagement
  • Chat Rooms - every game has its dedicated chat room to entertain players even more and let them socialize with each other NEW!!!
  • Easy configuration
  • Easy Adsense, or other ad network, integration

How do I get the QDragon script?

If you are interested in our script and want to buy it, please contact us and let's have a chat. The script comes with free installation support, free customization, and free updates. The price is £499 for the first year and £299 per year after that.

Please submit any bugs or suggestions or support requests to our support team.


"I got your first script almost 10 years ago. After all these years you are still at the top of the game. Amazing!" Super Surge

"Thank you for your support in the installation process. I like your script. My customers like it too. Great job." Kolay Domain (old script)

"Some work on design and you get a completely new game world anytime you use this script. Five stars." Garbage Game (old script)

"That was easy! Thanks a lot." Zafada (old script)

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