QDragon Flash Games Search Engine v2.0 - Fully Customizable, Ajax & MORE!

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What is it?

A light Flash Games Search Engine script from QDragon.com with a lot of features.

Are you tired of spending hours, if not days, uploading the games on your server? QDragon does that for you!

QDragon is a unique automatically uploading arcade script. And moreover it allows to update new games continuously, giving always fresh content to your website.

This version is no more based on MochiMedia games (as you probably know Mochi Media services closed on the 1st of April, what a shame :)).

Qdragon 2.0 is fully customizable, you can now upload any game feed you like, from any provider, and add thousands of games to your site from different sources.

Make Money
Monetize your traffic while keeping users entertained. You can use game feeds which allow revenue sharing like MochiMedia did or ad your own ads.

Thousands Of Games
Engaging, high quality content to entertain your users and keep them coming back.

Automated Management Tools
Track game impressions across your sites and determine which games are most popular with your users.

What does this script offer?

What does QDragon offer?

Please submit any bugs or suggestions or support requests to our support.

Script tested with:

If you are looking for a cheap hosting service provider to run our script, it definitely runs smoothly on Hostgator and BlueHost.

Note: Your server must allow the php script to have sufficient memory to install properly (the default value of memory_limit is often too low) so make sure it is possible to increase your memory_limit either with a .htaccess file or editing the php.ini file if necessary

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